dftly Base

dftly Base is the technical infrastructure for integrating any mobile app with the Salesforce Sales Cloud. With dftly Base, you can leverage two way communication between your consumers or your geographically dispersed teams using mobile apps to communicate with information in Salesforce. dftly makes it easy for companies to engage with mobile users with Live Chat, in-app searchable FAQs and Case creation. Bring everyone into Salesforce!

  • Help your users help themselves with searchable FAQs in-app
  • Respond to issues before they become Cases with in-app Live Chat
  • Solve user issues fast, with in-app Case registration.
dftly integrates seamlessly with mobile applications, enabling companies to engage and communicate with users from within the mobile app. dftly provides a mobile SDK that can be easily integrated into any mobile app, helping companies to talk directly to customers in-app, instead of having to move them to other service channels. With searchable FAQs, instant Live Chat and Case Creation, all available within the mobile app, businesses can now build a much better customer experience. Better engagement in-app reduces customer churn and support center case volumes for companies.

And all this from the comfort and security of your familiar Salesforce environment. No need to re-train your agents in yet another interface. Do everything within the scalable, reliable, secure Salesforce environment. dftly - the first native, in-app helpdesk for Salesforce!

Deliver customer happiness with dftly!

dftly Infrastructure


dftly gives you a set of APIs that you can call directly from your iPhone / Android / Windows or Blackberry app. This enables you to provide the dftly functions of Live Chat, FAQs, Case Creation from within your mobile app. We also provide an Android SDK that you can choose to use instead.

Everything you need to engage and communicate in-app

With dftly, you can:

  • Embed FAQs, Cases and Live Chat right inside your mobile app
  • Give agents access to transaction data from other systems
  • Increase support efficiency and productivity
  • Keep customer friction down with cross-channel access.

dftly Sample app screens

Please note that these screens are only representative samples from a sample app that we've built. And we know they don't look so great. You can tweak your own screens to match exactly with your mobile app's look-and-feel.



Insights and automation put your support on steroids

  • Track issues from calls, mobile app, emails all in SFDC cases
  • Use SFDC reports dashboards for complete tracking and analysis
  • Use other AppExchange apps for analytics
  • Deliver customer service on an effective, scalable model.

dftly screens on Salesforce

Adding a new FAQ


Contact Detail with Cases, Chats


Chat pop-up screen

See how you can install the dftly app into your Salesforce org.

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