dftly Time Tracker Pricing

Prices starting as low as $ 6.95 per user per month

dftly Time Tracker subscription fees are based on annual payment for two factors: the number of Salesforce users who need access to dftly (objects, reports, etc.) within Salesforce and the number of dftly users (who may not necessarily be Salesforce users) who use the dftly mobile/web app every month. Each Edition of the Time Tracker covers a specific number of Salesforce users and a specific number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs), i.e. the average number of mobile/web users every month (see below for details). We offer a discount to qualified nonprofits.

Check out the Time Tracker Team features.

dftly Time Tracker Team

dftly Time Tracker Team users clock in at the beginning of the day, check in/out of various activities and then clock out at the end of the day. Time Tracker Team can be used in an "Individual" mode. In a Team mode, only Team Leads need to have app on their mobile phones. All Team Members assigned to their team and who are Clocked In will automatically be checked in when the Team Leader checks in


$ 3000

    • License: $ 3,000 per year
    • Setup: $ 1,200 (one-time)
    • 5 Salesforce Users
    • 10 MAUs
    • Nonprofits: 50% off License and Setup


$ 9600

    • License: $ 9,600 per year
    • Setup: $ 2,400 (one-time)
    • 20 Salesforce Users
    • 40 MAUs
    • Nonprofits: 40% off License and Setup


$ 18000

    • License: $ 18,000 per year
    • Setup: $ 4,500 (one-time)
    • 50 Salesforce Users
    • 100 MAUs
    • Nonprofits: 30% off License and Setup


$ 25000

    • License: $ 25,000 per year
    • Setup: $ 7,500 (one-time)
    • 100 SF Users
    • 200 MAUs
    • Nonprofits: 25% off License and Setup

Storage pricing for photos is $ 5 per 10 GB per month.
For larger numbers of users/installs, please call us for pricing.

Pricing Guidelines

  • dftly Time Tracker is available in the following "flavours": a personal mobile app, a Team mobile app, a Web app and an app within Salesforce. Time Tracker users who are also Salesforce users can use all four; non-Salesforce users can use the first three.

  • MAUs are calculated as the number of users who've used the dftly Mobile app or the dftly Web app at least once in a given month. So a licence purchase of, say, 200 MAUs means that an average 200 people can use the dftly mobile/web (not within Salesforce) app every month, for upto a year.

  • MAUs counts can vary month-to-month, as long as the overall count for the year is less than or equal to your licensed MAUs for the year. So if you purchase, say, 200 MAUs, you could have only 100 users the first three months, 300 users the next three months and so on.