Testing dftly Time Tracker

dftly Time Tracker allows employees / contractors to track their work times against specific Projects, Tasks and Work Types. You can CheckIn / Check Out against your chosen Project / Task / Work Type with a simple swipe. You can check the hours that you have worked this week or this month via reports on your device. To test out dftly Time Tracker in an existing Salesforce org, follow the steps below. If you're looking to install dftly into your own Salesforce org and test it out there, follow the instructions on this other page.

Get dftly Time Tracker

Get the dftly Time Tracker mobile app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store from Applications. Install the app onto your mobile device.

On the Google Play Store, you can get the app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dftly.timeTracker&hl=en

On the Apple iTunes Store, you can get the app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dftly-time-tracker/id1122912839?mt=8

Register yourself on the device

To register on the app, you need an App Key, an Employee ID and a PIN. The information provided here, helps you to test dftly Time Tracker on a demo Salesforce.com org that we have set up.

App Key: 8cf542f2

Employee ID: dftly-01 or dftly-02

PIN: any 4 characters that you can remember

Registration Checkout Check in Hours this month

Test the dftly Time Tracker mobile app

The Check In screen lets you choose a Project, a Task and a Work Type. On the demo org, you will see options that we have set up. On your own org, your Human Resources team can set up whatever Projects, Tasks and Work Types are appropriate for your specific organization.

Select a Project, Task and Work Type from the drop-down lists and swipe right on the slider to Check In at the start of your work. dftly Time Tracker now starts keeping track of your time for the chosen Project Task and Work Type combination.

When you are done with that specific Project / Task / Work Type, you swipe left on the slider to Check Out. dftly Time Tracker now stops recoding time against that Project / Task / Work Type.

When you start work on another Project / Task / Work Type, simply choose the right options and swipe right again.

Checking work-time reports

From the hamburger in the top left hand corner of your app, click on the Hours this Month to see the hours worked during the current month. Click on Hours this Week to see check the hours worked during the current week.


Checking dftly data in Salesforce

You can see the data delivered to Salesforce.com and the reports/dashboards that you could use in a Demo Salesfoce org that you can log into. Use the following credentials to log into our Demo Salesforce org:

Time Tracker Dashboard