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dftly Mobile Apps

Easy-to-use, consumer-friendly mobile apps that work directly with information in Salesforce

dftly Base is the technical infrastructure for integrating any mobile app with Salesforce Sales Cloud. It includes an in-app help desk with Live Chat, Case Creation and FAQs. dftly Mobile Apps, on the other hand, are specific, use-now apps built on top of dftly Base.

V4S Mobile

V4S Mobile

Easy volunteer engagement for Nonprofits using Volunteers for Salesforce. Available in two editions - V4S Personal on individual devices and V4S Kiosk on shared devices.

dftly Time Tracker

dftly Time Tracker

Quick and easy way to keep track of employee/contractor work times on their mobile phones, with data appearing automatically in your org.

dftly Base

New Apps

Check back here regularly. We are always building new apps.


dftly enables you to create consumer-friendly mobile apps that work directly with information in the Salesforce Sales cloud

Connect Customers

Build deep relationships thru two-way communication with Salesforce. Customers register on your mobile app, data in Salesforce in one click.

Live Chat

Give your customers one-click access to your agents - an assigned agent will see your customer's complete details pop right up in their Salesforce screen.


Enable your app customers to raise Cases directly in your app. Your agents in Salesforce see these as regular Cases.


Help your app customers help themselves - by accessing your FAQs from inside your app; happy customers, lesser work for everyone.


Push notifications when issues are answered, Cases are closed, whatever - automatically or manually from Salesforce to your app.

Device Profile

Your app customers' phone make, model, OS, form factor - a whole lot of detail, all available for analysis within Salesforce

In-app FAQs

Help your customers help themselves!

  • Reduce calls to your support center
  • Empower your customers to help themselves
  • Searchable in-app FAQs, when your customer needs it
  • Set up FAQs once online; make it available everywhere.

In-app Chat

Make it easy for your customers to reach out via Chat.

  • Keep customers in-app for support and feedback
  • Simple and intuitive in-app chat; as easy as using Whatsapp
  • Chat requests handed off to logged-in, available agents.

In-app Cases

Solve your customers' issues quickly.

  • Allow your customers to raise support cases, in-app
  • Process in-app cases like cases from any other channel
  • Keep your customers within your app, even for support issues
  • Notify your customers when their case is resolved.

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