Managers: Manage your employee's time

Timesheet Approvals

Review and approve timesheets in just minutes

Approve employee time

Employees use Mobile Time Tracker to submit their timesheets on their mobile phones, on web pages or from within Salesforce. Their Reporting Managers can then review employee times and quickly approve or reject them. Managers see timesheets for all employees that report to them, one after the other. They can approve / reject one or all timesheet entries, with detailed comments added.

Reporting Managers can be managers within the organization or managers at client locations. Managers at client locations use the Time Tracker web interface to review and approve timesheets. Make your time billing process much more efficient and get your payments quicker with direct time approvals from client managers.

Who's Working

Know exactly who's working, where and on what

Managers at the office can easily see which employees and teams are working, on what they are working and how long they have been working - all in real-time. No phone calls, no messages, no waste of time. Just check your screen for an instant update on work at jobsites. And with the optional geo-tracking feature enabled, you even know exactly where your team members are at any given point.

Change the way you track your teams and employees forever. Who's Working is a standard tool that's part of the Mobile Time Tracker. It saves an incredible amount of time and resource in tracking where everyone is and what they are doing.

Sort it any way you want - start-time, number of hours worked, name, team - get a real-time snapshot of your business!

Track who's working now

Manage Employee Overtime

Keep track of employee overtime proactively

Track employee overtime

Comprehensive time reports give Managers the ability to track employee work times within Salesforce. With simple notifications, Managers can be alerted when employees are close to approaching overtime OR when they hit overtime. Track overtime on a daily and weekly basis. Make sure that you stay compliant with state and federal overtime laws.

Mobile Time Tracker allows you to configure the number of working hours per day and per week. Beyond those hours, any work will be considered Overtime hours. Take the default hours or set up your own hours, Mobile Time Tracker is flexible.