Powerful Reports for Managers and Admins

Regular, Approval, Overtime, Payroll reports

Timesheet Dashboards

Comprehensive time dashboards for a quick update

Business at-a-glance


Get a quick overall view of your business operations with the Time Tracker Dashboard. See how much time your employees have spent on various projects, how many hours have been billed, how much you need to invoice, what your payroll amount could be. All from viewing the comprehensive Time Tracker Dashboard. Get a real-time visual insight into your business.

Our real-time visual summaries make it easy to understand your business trends, allowing you to make smarter business decisions - faster. Almost any data within Mobile Time Tracker can be presented visually on the Dashboard. No need to spend time running reports. Just refresh the Dashboard for an up-to-date look at your business.

Realtime Reports

Get accurate and detailed reporting of employee hours

Get time card reports any way that you want. Filter and sort employee times however you wish. By project, task, worktype. If you have used other Salesforce objects, you can report employee work times on those objects to. Extend the power of Salesforce reporting now to time tracking too.

Managers get access only to employees that report to them. Admins can get access to all employees. Get summary reports or detailed reports. Drill down from summaries to details. Use the standard reports in Mobile Time Tracker or add your reports in Salesforce. Change report parameters easily and run reports for the time frames that you need them in. It's all possible.

Realtime reports

Export Employee Timesheet Data

Export timesheet data to your billing and payroll systems

Track employee overtime


Administrators can choose any reports and filter down to the desired level of detailed data. Admins can set up specific report formats for export. These reports can be exported in .CSV or Excel formats. Upload the exported data into your payroll, accounting, billing or project management systems. Set up Salesforce workflow processes to run at specified time periods to automatically create these export data files.

Combine the functionality of Mobile Time Tracker with the power of the Salesforce system and infrastructure. Administrators can make the entire time tracking, payroll and billing systems integrated and automatic.