What is V4S Kiosk?

Nonprofits use Volunteers for Salesforce to manage their organization's volunteer program. V4S Kiosk is an add-on to the functions that V4S provides online, but on an iPad/Android device. V4S Kiosk is an iOS/Android app that Nonprofits can use to manage multiple volunteers at a job/shift. As a Volunteer (or as a volunteer manager), you can check-in, check-out and sign up new volunteers, all on a single device. You can search for the specific job/shift that a volunteer has signed up for and check-in to / check-out out of that job/shift. Data from the device is automatically synced to the nonprofit's Volunteers for Salesforce org in near-realtime.

Before we go too far, a note about Configuration. V4S Kiosk has a number of configurable options, so this document may not be exactly what you see in the app, depending on your configuration. For example, the menu item called "Shifts Today" in this document may actually be called "Today's Jobs and Shifts" in your app, if your org is configured to suppport Jobs AND Shifts in V4S Kiosk. Some of the data may be obfuscated, too - for example, people's email IDs may look like a***b@c*****e.e*u, where a number of alphabets have been replaced with asterisks. Again, this is something your Admin will have set up, as an option in V4S Kiosk.

As a volunteer-manager, you can manage all your volunteers for a given job/day using V4S Kiosk. You can use it as a volunteer, too, for your own checkin and checkout.

One other thing: dates are used and shown per the timezone of your phone. For example, if your Salesforce org is set up using a California timezone and you're in New York, the "Jobs/Shifts Today" list will show you jobs/shifts marked for "today" as pr the New York timezone, not Calirnia's. So a shift that begins at, say, 10:00 PM today in California will not show up today in your list in New York, since 10:00 PM in CA is 1:00 AM tomorrow in NY.

Using V4S Kiosk

2.1        Checking into an assigned job/shift

If you are an existing volunteer who has been assigned a job/shift by your nonprofit, you can use V4S Kiosk to record the hours that you work on the job/shift.

If you are a volunteer that has previously registered yourself with the nonprofit but have not signed up for a Job/Shift, you can stil signup for a Job/Shift using V4S Kiosk:

It is possible that multiple people share an email ID or phone number - in a family, say. In such a case, you can still sign them all up, one after another, by searching with the same email ID/phone number multiple times. Each time you sign one of them up, V4S Kiosk tracks that specific person. When you use the same email ID/phone number to search again, it will sign up the next person who has the same email ID/phone number. V4S Kiosk signs up the most recently-added person first, going backwards in time.

When you return from a job/shift detail to the list of jobs and shifts, V4S Kiosk will not refresh the list from Salesforce. Instead, it will show you the list as it was the last time you got to it, in order to save you refresh-time. If you'd like to refresh the list, you can do that by clicking on the Jobs/Shifts Today menu item.

2.3        Register New Volunteer

If you are a new volunteer who has never registered with the nonprofit, you can register yourself as a brand new Volunteer using the Register New Volunteer function. You can then signup for a specific Job/Shift as described in section 2.2 and track the time that you spend volunteering as described in section 2.1.

In order to make your new-volunteer-registration fast and effective, V4S Kiosk remembers the list of fields that a new volunteer needs to fill out. That list is refreshed the first time you use this function, after you login. So if you don't see a new field that your Admin set up recently, not to worry - just log out, log back in and click on the Register New Volunteer function.

2.4       Settings

On the Settings page, you can do a couple of things - you can change your password and you can wipe out your V4S data on this device. Note that changing your password will only change it on this device - you will still need to use your old password on other devices that you may have used or in the V4S Mobile web app.

2.5       Logout

Once everyone's done with their tasks for a day/shift, you can log out of the app by clikcing on the Logout option in the menu. This will bring you back to the main screen where you will need to key in your App Key, email ID and password to get back into V4S Kiosk.

2.6       The Menu

V4S Kiosk has a menu that you can get to by clicking on the three lines at the top-left corner (also called the "hamburger"). You can get to all the app functions from right there.

This Help file works best for V4S Kiosk 1.7-10.